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Princess Jasmine

Aladdin was my favorite Disney movie as a child, it kind of still is now, but I've always found Jasmine to be a very beautiful, alluring Princess.

I saw Andrea's, a popular Youtube Guru known as Andreascoice, tutorial on this quick, cute, Princess Hairstyle and I had to try it. I'm actually completely inept at braiding or doing anything with my hair, but her tutorials seemed easy enough to follow and I managed to get it done.

I was so proud of myself, but my hair is so smooth it unraveled almost immediately. =( So upset. In the process of salvaging the hair do it just exploded into lots of puffy, fluff. Does any other Asian lady have this problem? >< 

With all the blue in my outfit I felt really "Jasmine-esque", although I was feeling far from it. Sometimes you just feel really "bleh" and don't want to put much thought into throwing anything on. I condone wearing tights as pants, but I love wearing nice tights with a tunic or a longer tee. This bright navy blue tunic has dolman sleeves and enough swish to be worn when you feel like being casually chic without putting any effort in. I really wish I could have pulled off the hairstyle though. =( 

Anyway, I'm going through midterm week at the moment and visiting boyfriend in Boston....I'll post a little less this next week, but I hope you guys still enjoy my posts. =) I will get on blog stuff and mailing stuff out soon. I hope you're all well! 



  1. I see the resemblance! I really do think you look like Jasmine in that pic hehe nice job!
    Yeah, I've that problem with my hair unravelling. For eg some people say to just hold a bun with pins, but I can't do that 'cos chunks of hairs will slip out unless I use tons of pins.

  2. You're totally making me want to try this!

  3. @Joey Haha! Thank you my dear and I know exactly what you mean. I hate putting hundreds of bobby pins in my hair and just losing them or being the one that sets the metal detector off in the airport. =___=

    @Jess Try it! If I can do it *anyone can* ><