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Lette Macarons/Photos

My sister studied in LA for the summer this year, what a dedicated student (!), and whenever my dad went to visit her he always brought up a carton of macarons for the rest of us in Canada. They were always different flavors: earl grey, caramel, almond, lemon, coffee, pistachio, etc. and good lord. They were ambrosia. A Unicorn Party IN MY MOUTH. Orgasmic. I can't impress upon you guys how perfectly light, crispy, flavorful, and chewy these little babies were.    

I was supposed to share. I really was. I ate 75% of the macarons meant for my mother, my father, my boyfriend and me. I couldn't help it! SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST....macaon eater. I highly, highly recommend that if you're ever in LA to go find and devour every flavor of macaron in the lette shop. It's totally worth it. The only flavor I wasn't really fond of was Earl Grey....it tasted like fruit loops. Haha.

My sister told us that when she was buying one last box of macarons, she was deciding on what flavors to get when another patron cut ahead of her and completely bought out all the caramel ones. D= Despair!

I've never been there in person and I don't know the price range, but I can tell you guys where to go and how fantastic they were. I really hope that you do give these a try. =)

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Now here are some photo poots.

Lonely Lantern in Hualian 

Photo Mosaic in Taipei

Whistler Peak 
Longshan Temple in Taipei, Each candle has a name written on it for good fortune. 

Poi Dancers in Taizhong

Poi Dancers in Taizhong

I won't take myself seriously....ever. 
Thanks for reading guys. <3 Keep it real!

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  1. Love. Macarons. Drools.
    Love the photos, too!
    Haha you look so cute in the last photo. I meant to comment in that post (the one you wore that dress in), but it slipped my mine. I wanted to say you look really pretty and that I see you're getting a little braver with the posing ;) I kinda just smile dorkily or stare at my shoes when I pose for outfit shots in public

    Btw, re LA Noire, er...we kinda stopped. Well, we're just resting for a bit. I liked it when the guy was in Homicide (he gets promoted to different departments so you get to solve diff cases), but now he's in Vice and I'm like, "Eh, it's a bit dull". Still, we really enjoyed playing the early parts.

  2. Macarons are every fashion bloggers food porn.

    Love the photo caption. I won't worry my life away as Jason Mraz sang it.

  3. @Joey No worries! <3 I love macarons too! LA Noire, I can't wait until Thanksgiving, my sister's visiting then! =P Maybe I'll get to move forward in the game then. If you ever play Left 4 Dead or Team Fortress 2 (Team Fortress is free!) maybe we can derp around together. =P And thank you so much for the compliments! You're making me blush <3

    @Chryel Seriously, they're like playboy bunny of the year =p. <3 Haha!