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Tickled Pink

Fa Chai always cowers by his food when we bang around in the kitchen.
I have a habit of waiting a really long time to peruse blogs that I really enjoy, so that way there are more blogs posts for me to read at one time! I always wonder if other people do that same thing. How are you all? How's school? How's everything?

School is starting! It seems like I just got back here from Taiwan, blinked, and the sky was grey and cloudy. Summer is never long enough, but I guess if summer lasted forever I would be way too sedentary. As I type this, the weather forecast for the rest of the week is overcast with showers. =/ Oh Autumn. I guess this means I get to break out the sweaters. =D 

As for this particular outfit of the day, it's one of my favorites for the summer. Delicate, ladylike, and incredibly detailed this akiko top won my heart the second I saw it. The length is such that it's too short to be a dress, but when shorts are worn...it looks like you're going pants-less. Oops. Rest assured though! This time I wore cute lace shorts, but as with most everything paired with this top, it looks like I'm not wearing anything. ><  

I wanted to give you guys a close up on how absolutely beautiful this beaded top is. You can tell a lot of effort was put into beading and ruching at the collar of this tunic, allowing every woman to look good in its fit. Since the collar was so detailed and decorated I don't feel like it needs any additional necklaces or accessories. Instead, I accessorized with a linen Fendi scarf, a late birthday gift from my mother and father, and some simple gladiator sandals. 

You can only see it barely here, but the infamous Fendi "F" pattern runs throughout  the scarf and make simple and classy. =) Thank you mom and dad!!

Anyway, thanks for coming!

+ Love 


  1. Time really flies so fast! It's almost 2012! Lovely dress, btw.

  2. @Chyrel Haha doesn't it?! I just wish school was over with though. So stressed! Thank you!