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What's New Scooby Doo?

Fortunately this time when I went to Hong Kong, I didn't break the bank. =P Although it was hard since Hong Kong is almost literally made up of malls...My dad knows the pain only a male can feel when the three woman in the household go on a shopping spree. However, this time he'd be proud! I only bought two things! Which I'm loving o' course.

It's always hard for me to find rings...not only because my fingers are super tiny (size 3!), but also because my skin is really sensitive and allergic to a lot of the metals and alloys cool rings are made from. =/ Needless to say I'm very envious of Joey's ring collection. =P  Most of the rings I have are too dainty and small to "layer up" or "make a statement." So I've been looking for bigger more chunky rings to add a bit of variety to what I have. I found this beauty at Agnes B. Sport, it's designed to look like a feather wrapping around your finger...

I never realized how many branches Agnes B. had until I went to Hong Kong...her brand is so popular in Asia! Agnes B. Homme, Agnes B. Femme, Agnes B. Sport, Agnes B. Travel, Agnes B. Beate, not to mention her florist and cafe lines. It's crazy. I could pass on the bags though honestly...but I am more than in love with her jewelry.

The second thing I bought were these Camper Sandals. I wanted nice sleek simple sandals that I could just throw on and walk around all day in, meaning no heels, wedges, or pinchy hurty bits. I saw these and they were absolutely perfect. I hemmed and hawed about getting them for two days and I finally just took the plunge.

I'm in love with the non-symmetrical zipper detailing. I think it makes them look quite adorable. 

However, I was sorely tempted to buy these.

Aren't they the cutest things in the world?!??!? Eeeeeee!! I saw a guy walking down the street in the male version. his looked pretty dirty though....=/

I am a worrywart. It drives my boyfriend, friends, and family crazy...but my terrible worrywart-ness also translates into my shopping habits and tendencies! I always worry if I don't buy it now, they won't have it later or won't have it in my size or I'll regret forever that I didn't buy that certain colored thingamabob. This habit leads to many impulse buys. However now, after many years of worrywart-ting I've realized don't settle. Just buy things you like and will use, not things that are just cheap or the "last one left." Haha, it feels so good to say that! Hopefully this new developments will translate into other worrywartsome aspects of my life. =)

Here's more gratuitous food shots:

Cheers! Thanks for coming everyone!



  1. I just discovered your blog and I love it! Shopping and food my two favorite things! I can't tell you how jealous of you I am that you live in Taipei and get to travel to hong kong! Oh man I would just die if I could live in Taipei!

    New follower! Would love for you to visit and follow me too if you like!

  2. I love the ballet flats with wing details. Reminds me of Jeremy Scott for Adidas.
    The rings are gorgeous too. WOW! I can't believe you had a shopping ban the entire time you were in HK. It's like the shopping capital of Asia! :)

  3. @Lisa Thank you so much! That's a big compliment. ^__^ I'm just staying here for a year and then going back to Vancouver. =)My Chinese is still shaky though. =P

    @Chyrel You're right on the mark!! It is Jeremy Scott for Adidas! I didn't know who designed them, but I knew they were Adidas. <3333 Thank you! Haha, I have to save money now to spend it on traveling within Taiwan. =)

  4. Ah, my friend got a pair of those Jeremy Scotts! Those are so cute! They remind me of black swan.

    You've such good self control in shopping. I need to practice a little bit of self-retraint.
    Btw, that ring is so pretty! Don't have to envy me, you can start a ring collection, too :D
    And those sandals are simple, but the zipper makes it so classy. Nice!

    Oh, if you ever need something desperately from H&M, I can do a CP for you if you like

  5. those white flats are so so cute! xx

  6. Beautiful pictures! I love that ring!

  7. @Joey I'm so jealous of your friend. I'm secretly in love with those little flats!! Haha, thank you~ You are the sweetest. If you ever want some Asian cosmetics let me know. =P We can switch. ^__^

    @diana Aren't they??? Thanks for commenting! <3

    @Gretch TM Thank you so much! ^__^ I do too! <33

  8. Deal! :D
    Will be back later to read your latest post