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It's been a bit hard finding someone that's willing to take a ridiculous number of photos for my fashion posts. >__< Do you guys have that problem? Boyfriend enthusiastically offered to help, he was so cute about it, but unfortunately he's stationed in Boston at the moment. Here are some silly pics!

Tank tops/wife beaters are my favorite styled top in the world. I recently got this long, vest, blazer, jacket thing from a nameless shop in 忠孝敦化, that tiny nameless shop is quickly becoming my favorite shop in the world! After Uniqlo and Forever 21 and H&M. >__< I'm still looking for the perfect white blazer though... 

Before I bore you all to death of Hong Kong I'd just like to put some photos here that I particularly liked. Overall it seems...I think I like my photos too much ;) I'm experimenting with "jumps", please be patient!! <3 I don't know where my head was I should have included most of these with my "Thoughts from HK" post, but they were hiding in some deep recess of my computer. *facepalm* D'oh!!

As usual, thanks for coming. =) <3 



  1. you took all these photos? it's all gorgeous!!

    i actually beg my friends to take outfit shots of me. hahaha! they gladly obliged.

  2. you're only making me miss Hong Kong even more! I went there last year and it was amazing!
    Cute outfit, and I have my little sister to take most of my outfit pictures hahaha

  3. Super cute love your striped top and vest!

  4. @Chyrel Yeah <3 I did! ^__^ Thank you! Yeah, begging friends is always a good option too. ::lol::

    @Silkybow Hong Kong is really fun, you should go back if you have the chance! When I go home that might be the first thing I do. >__<

    @Lisa Thank you!! <3

  5. Hehe you look so happy in the second pic! Love your colourful top! Great photos, sweetie!

  6. Beautiful images, and I love sleeveless trench you're wearing in the first outfit!

  7. Aha usually my boyfriend is reluctant to help me take photos but he did buy me an awesome camera! I usually get my other blogger friend to take photos for me :) Love your happy pictures dear <3 Great sleeveless coat!


  8. @Joey Thank you so much! <3 Your comments always mean a lot! <3

    @Marcella Thank you Marcella! Your comments mean a lot to me too. =) <3 Thank you for looking!

    @Wynne Thank you! When I saw it in the shop window I fell in love with it too. ^__^

    @Jacquelyn Haha! =) Your boyfriend sounds cute. That's so lovely though! Most of my friends actually don't know that I opened this blog. I'm debating whether I should tell them or not. ^__^ I probably will soon.