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Styling Staples: The Black Skater Skirt

The "not-so-basic" basic. I think it's a generally well-known rule that everyone needs to have a "little black dress" in their closet arsenal. One that can be dressed up, down, and sideways. Why not a black skirt as well?

Since I've been a little behind on the blog posts lately, I've styled this little black skater skirt in three different ways that I'll release over the next few days. The first look I want to show you is the most casual.

I like the the sleek look of color-blocking gray with black. It's not as jarring as a white and black contrast and gives a more casual vibe. The turtleneck had enough structure and shape for me. I didn't want to over accessorize so I kept things simple and sporty with casual sneakers and my trusty coach legacy purse. 

You can barely see my accessories in the photos above, but in line with the purse I've gone with a buttery leather bracelet, some gold stud earrings, and a girly druzy ring.

My personal favorite item of clothing is a skirt. You'll see me wearing dresses and skirts more often than shorts and pants. I think they're girly and sweet. By cutting your little black dress in half, you have increased options for picking your outfits!

Accidental Death Glare
Thanks for reading this little micro-post! See you in part 2!

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