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Bkr Water Bottle "Review"

It was just a coincidence when my sister and I simultaneously asked each other if we were interested in the same glass water bottles. Although I was easily mind melded by the proliferation of bottles in my workplace, my sister was motivated by her research on the harmful effects of bpa in plastics and the controversial health risk of bpa free plastics.

These water bottles have hit stores like Neiman Marcus, Whole Foods, and even Amazon.com. You might also see them popping up in carefully curated instagram posts showing chic exercise wear. So, what are they?

They're 100% soda lime glass water bottles with a pretty food-grade silicone sleeve and touted as the best fashion accessory and tool in your beauty arsenal. 

The bottles come in 500ml ($30) and 1L ($42) sizes, but my sister and I found the 1L size to be unwieldy. They're practical, durable, and easy to take around. According to doctors and nutritionists, an average person needs to drink at least two liters of water a day. If I drink four of these little bottles, I know I'm set. 

They are pretty expensive for simple water bottles, but their aesthetic is pleasing. Despite being glass they're also surprisingly durable. bkr has a limited warranty where they will replace your water bottle if it was broken within 90 days, but in order to get your elusive replacement you need to take a photo of the broken bkr, write a 250 word essay on why you love it, pay for shipping, and have a copy of the original receipt. Honestly, to me that sounds like a pain in the butt. I'd just be very careful not to break it...I've seen a bkr dropped from waist height onto a marble floor and come out unscathed so I feel confident in it's ability to withstand moderate damage. That being said, I don't think I'll be rough with it. The brand and design are definitely for the more aesthetically concerned and I think are meant for gym jaunts, office hydration, and city slicking.

If you're past the 90 day mark and happen to lose your cap or break your bottle, they sell replacement caps for $5 and glass bottles, 500 mL for $10 and 1L for $14 on their website.

bkr also releases a fall and spring collection, so if you're coveting a particular silicone sleeve or design you need to purchase it before it's gone. bkr generally releases limited edition bottle information through it's instagram and facebook, so follow them for the latest updates and trends.

Given the price of the bottle and it's limited warranty, I was curious to see what bkr does with the rest of the proceeds on their page. They have a Social Responsibility section in their FAQ, where they say:

What happens to one of us affects all of us. When you buy a bkr, we invest a portion of the proceeds in initiatives that combat the global water crisis, help in the fight against cancer and that create the change we would like to see in the world. We have supported many philanthropic organizations and foundations including: the Obakki Foundation, a non-profit organization that uses fashion and creative arts as a fundraising vehicle to bring water and education to people in Africa; the Canary Foundation, which is dedicated solely to the funding, discovery, and development of tests for early cancer detection; and the Wounded Warrior Project, which helps injured men and women who are returning home from current global conflicts and provides assistance and support to their families.

I'm curious to know what percent of their proceeds go to charity. Not to be bitchy or nosey, but just for transparency's sake.

Altogether, I really like my bkr. I have to admit I got them on a deal so I didn't pay the full $30 for my 500mL water bottle in the color Boy. I've put more use into it than any other water bottle that I've bought before...and like shoes...you can't have just one. If I'm crazy enough I might even buy more colors or purchase the 1L for picnics and beach days!

- Holds water
- No metallic taste
- Very cute and easy to carry around
- Top rack dishwasher safe

-Pass 90 days and you break it, you are effed
-Extensive replacement process
-Questionable % donated to charity?

Purchase links:
bkr Official Site

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