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Recent Aritzia Haul

I talked about my first "official" purchase from Aritzia here. When I heard they were having their 2013 Summer Sale, I decided to buy some basics that I've been eyeing for a long time. I must say, Aritzia doesn't have sales very often, but even when they do...the discounts aren't that great or at least...I don't "feel" like I'm getting a great deal on most items. I still bought things though, so I definitely fell prey to the hype.

Palmdale Bustier

Sorry for the weird lighting!
One thing that was on my must buy list were these lace bustiers. Through a revelation on my "true" bra size , I've realized that most of the bustier/crop tops that I've bought are ridiculously over sized, rendering them unwearable. Either the cups are too big for my tiny endowments or the band is too large for my rib was a disaster. I was measured, once upon a time ago, at a Victoria's Secret, as a 34 A and I've been buying that bra size ever since. In reality, I'm a 27 B, but since you can only order specialty petite bras online, in most stores I'm a 30/32 A. I'm a size XS in these Palmdale Bustiers and they actually fit.

One thing that's a double edged sword is the stretchy back. With the stretchy back, I'm basically insured if I grow or shrink a little. However, I hate pulling this thing off over my head because I'm so afraid I'll like rip the lace or get makeup smeared all over it. I would have much preferred a zip closure...even though I know it probably wouldn't have "fit" as well. 

Purchase Link: Palmdale Bustier (White)
Original Price: $50 | Now: $45

Usually I don't condone buying the same item in different colors, but given the state of my current wardrobe I thought it would be a good idea to have some "staple options" to mix and match with. Black and White for some silky, flowy translucent shirts, under some hole-y sweaters, or even on their own. The black is exactly the same as the white feelings are the same too. =) 

For those of you wondering, these bustiers do come in other colors, I remember seeing a teal in store, but the only color online seems to be a bright orange.

Purchase Link: Palmdale Bustier (Black)
Original Price: $50 | Now: $45 

Capucine T-Shirt

Sometimes I'm a sheep. I've seen this shirt on girls in random places and I've always admired the "tulip" cut of the outfit. Since it's so long, and covers the bum adequately, I think this t-shirt is a good spring/summer casual item that can be dressed up for winter. I'm already thinking of wearing these guys with like pleather leggings and a big sweater.

It's just a basic tee that has a unique shape to bring a little class to any outfit. In this outfit, as well as most of my Aritzia purchases, I'm an XXS. I must say though, the one drawback for this shirt, is probably its tendency to wrinkle. I left it in the Aritzia bag kind of kicking around and it seems to have gotten very wrinkly...I'll have to steam or wash it soon.

The Capucine T-Shirt comes in a plethora of colors, I just decided to be boring and go with the light heather grey. Seeing as they have so many colors, their unpopular colors are the cheapest, starting at $24.99, with their more popular colors going up to $40. Unfortunately the heather grey shirt was something that fell under the $40 range. 

Original Price: $50 | Now: $40

Manuscript Blouse

Yes, I'm aware you can see my bra, but I sort of like the sheerness. Nothing inappropriate at least! This 100% silk shirt is just really nice and I think the stark grid pattern really lends itself to being dressed up or dressed down. I first remember seeing this shirt on a woman who was dressed in head to toe black, with a black blazer and black skinny jeans. She just looked SO SHARP. I wanted to emulate her. I was staring at her boobs a lot too. The grid pattern is/has always been one of my favorite patterns, especially since the long ago debut of the YSL Cage Sandal. Beautiful!

With this shirt I was, again, an XXS. The shirt also comes in the inverse color scheme, white background with a black grid,but in the white version the pattern doesn't continue onto the sleeves. For that reason, I think the black looks better. 

Original Price: $95 | Now: $80 

Balzac Sweater

As you can probably tell from the photo, I was most pleased about getting my hands on this sweater. Again in size XXS, I think this sweater was a great deal, as opposed to everything else in my haul. It's a mix of cotton, cashmere and silk and feels nice. It's hole-y and cute, and again, can be worn during the spring or winter. The fit of this sweater is tight around the arms and the waist, but slouchy in the middle. I had tried the XS size in-store, but then it just looked too big on me. Although the sweater is tight in the arms, it's not uncomfortable and I'm sure will slightly loosen up in time.

In addition to the beige this sweater also comes in a dusty rose color that looked absolutely awful on me, but the option is out there if you can rock it!  The back is the same as the front so I didn't feel the need to include another photo. =)

Purchase Link: Balzac Sweater (Beige)
Original Price: $125 | Now: $85

One big caveat to buying anything from Aritzia is that all item are final sale even those purchased online. Usually I always veer towards online shopping, because I don't like the bustle and rush of sale events, but in this case when nothing is returnable it's probably best to go in and try things on.

I hope this post was helpful to you!

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  1. this is my first time on your blog and love the pieces you were able to pick up.
    i've slowly fallen victim to artizia and feel your pain.
    clothes are so cute but the price...