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Black on Black

Hello! I'm a chronic closet raider, whether it be from my sister, mom or even my dad (for his oversized sweaters of course), I raid closets. This bag, in all its beautiful luxury, obviously does not belong to me, but instead, of course, it to my beautiful mother. I'm lucky she lets me raid her closet so frequently, but when I'm financially independent and making money of my own I hope to invest in one of these myself. However, I think that period might be a long time away. 

Outfit: Shirt Club Monaco, Skirt Club Monaco, Shoes J. Crew, Bag Chanel
Today is a fancy day! Honestly, I don't really know what to say about this outfit, other than the fact that it makes me feel fashionable and sharp. Isn't that what clothes are supposed to do? It's great when you find a outfit and makeup combination that makes you feel like you knocked it right out of the park.

I'm a huge fan of monochrome, and honestly in this case, this outfit is a true representation of my closet. My clothing is literally probably 90% black or grey. In order to spice up this outfit I tried to match the leather details in the shirt with a "leather" skirt.

Both the shirt and the skirt are from Club Monaco and are pretty adorable. The shirt is still in stores, but the skirt was from their last fall collection, so the sizes available online are a bit sparse. You guys don't have to worry about me being sponsored by them though, I just have a serious shopping problem.

Although the leather on the collar is real, the skirt is pleather for "easy care." The perforated pattern and the scalloped edge really make the skirt an "any season" piece. The beauty is in the details!

I finished the whole outfit off with this pointed suede shoes, a recent purchase from J. Crew, that I've been wearing everywhere. They're actually crazy comfortable as well, I have to stand around a lot for my job and these shoes have been given a surprising amount of work wear.

The purse shown here is part of Chanel's Fall 2011 collection and is called the "Boy Bag." The shape is inspired by the cartridge bags that hunters carried when going into the woods. Very different from the traditional quilted Chanel bags that you've seen in the past, the boy bag is made out of smooth, sleek glazed calf leather. There's still the iconic love letter pocket inside, but I think you'll find the new design to be simple and a bit masculine. The boy bag can be worn two ways: with the strap across the body, like above, or with the strap doubled up and placed over the shoulder, like below.

Excuse my ugly face
The details really elevate the simplistic design of this bag, with the mixed chain and leather strap, the thicker masculine silver chain, and the "Chanel" embossed along the spine, the bag is beautiful and fun to carry around. When my family and I first saw it in the store, it looked a bit like a book of "Chanel" waiting to be opened up. It also has ample room to store belongings, which is a necessity in any bag. The only thing that I will say against the boy, is that I'm terrified of scratching it or damaging the leather. The front, back, and interior of the bag are so glossy and delicate that I only borrow this bag with extreme caution. 

Ever since it's debut, I think the boy bag has been rolled out in new color combos, materials and textures. In fact, I think I've already seen one that uses Chanel's iconic quilting. ;) Hopefully I'll be able to invest in a nice bag one day. ^__^ 

Anyway guys, thanks for reading!

Purchase Links: 
As for the purse, I always feel it's best to buy it from a store...I feel with these sorts of things it's too easy to get ripped off online. However, Gilt, Lxr & Co. and Net A Porter are some great places to start looking for vintage luxury items on the net. =) 

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