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Orly's Powder Puff Nail Polish Review and Swatch

I'm usually very tame when I choose to paint my nails. Especially seeing that the only other nail polish I decided to review, i.e. XOX Betsey, was another neutral/blush nude color, and this girly light pink color won my heart immediately. It's an ivory just slightly touched with a pale, baby pink and it seems like the perfect "clean" Spring nail color. Typing at work, I even managed to score several compliments on it.

Although I know Orly is a pretty large nail polish brand, akin with Zoya and OPI, this is the first nail polish I've tried from them; overall, I'm not impressed and this nail polish definitely flat lined on me. The only virtue this nail polish had was its beautiful color, its the application was straight up terrible. You need at least three or four coats to get this color opaque, but in addition to that the polish does not even "cure" well. Even after waiting until the base coat and four coats of polish had dried, even after applying a protective top coat, the polish is still soft and I find that stress marks from daily tasks appear easily and mar my nails.

You also have to be really, really careful about applying each coat evenly, because it becomes quite obvious if you "missed" a spot between coats and there's no going back to fix it. The more coats you utilize to try and get Power Puff opaque, the more the polish gets exponentially "gloop-ier."

Indoor Lighting
My nails go under a lot of stress, but Powder Puff hasn't chipped yet! The only problem is is that it has a lot of minute scratches and dents from daily wear, even with a protective topcoat. Honestly, I probably won't buy this polish again, due to the streakiness and difficulty of application, but I'm still on the hunt for a dupe color. If you guys have any suggestions, I'd be much obliged!

Compared to XOX Betsey, Powder Puff reads more "blushing bride" pink versus the light lavender of Betsey. Given the wear of Powder Puff, XOX Betsey is still my go to "cool nude", although I'm still looking for a warm one.

You can buy Orly Powder Puff: here for $7.19. Too much for a sub-standard polish in my opinion.

- Beautiful Color
- No chips!

- Streaky
- Difficult to apply and get opaque
- Shows marks very easily
- Not really worth the price


  1. I find that OPI does white/pale colors well. I have OPI Sweet Heart and it looks very similar. It doesn't have a perfect formula, but I don't remember it being annoying to work with. It's got a jelly texture too!

  2. Oh man. I need to get me some of those then! I love the jelly texture and I know you're a nail polish guru too! <3