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Tommy Hilfiger Chain Print Dress, Sofft Shoes, Uniqlo Basics Cardigan
Haha, get it? In reality, this sundress is probably one of the more conservative outfits I have in my "summer essentials" wardrobe. It's also one of my favorites and most worn outfits of the entire summer. The top half of the dress is a soft, stretchy cotton spandex blend, while the blue lower half is 100% cotton. Coming upon this dress was a meeting of pure chance. At the Tommy Hilfiger store I'd literally tried on most of the summer dresses offered for their Summer 2012 collection and none of them fit me...even in the extra small sizes. The saleswoman was bringing dress after dress out and I was feeling incredibly guilty about wasting her time. Then she brought out this one and it totally fit!

I've previously bought American Apparel color block dresses to achieve the same aesthetic I'm looking for here, but I've had terrible experiences with them. I found that the second that anything AA gets washed the colors bleed together almost immediately, completely ruining the dress!

I had the same qualms about this dress, but the store manager assured me that if the colors bled I could return the dress for a refund. The store manager in Vancouver was actually incredibly accommodating and I'm not sure if you'd get the same guarantee at other stores. The good news is, I'm sure you can see, that the colors didn't bleed! 

I loved the chain print on the bottom half of the dress. I thought it was very vintage and reminiscent of those vintage Chanel scarves that used to fill my mom's closet. Seeing the chain design still makes me smell my mom's perfume and reminisce about playing dress up in her closet. =) I don't like to wear too much jewelry and, for space purposes, I didn't bring too much of my jewelry collection down from Vancouver, but I did bring my favorite ring from Agnes. B and my most worn pair of earrings from Just Gold. 

Of course, how could I wear a sundress without accessorizing with a badass pair of sunglasses? <3 I didn't think I looked too repulsive in this last photo so I threw it in. I hope you guys are doing well!   

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