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Go! Go! Curry! ~ New York

Sometimes you just need some curry. Out of all the curries that have existed in the world, somehow Japanese curries have completely won my heart over. In fact, its won my heart over many, many times. I find that Japanese curry is sweeter and smoother than traditional South Asian curries and very delectable to eat. Go!Go!Curry! is located near Times Square and my sister, boyfriend and I visited this little place pre-grand New York adventure. We chose this place because my sister, who is allergic to gluten, couldn't really eat anything else. However, upon doing a further research, it seems that Japanese curry is created from a roux. >< OH WELL. It was delicious at the time and is still delicious now!!

I've also discovered from their website that Go!Go!Curry is already quite established in Japan with  established locations in Ochanomizu, Kanazawa, and NO NO city. They've also proved to be a "home-run hit" in New York and have just opened their second location near Washington Square Park. The staff of the Times Square location were also all from Japan and that makes it is clear to me that Go!Go!Curry! wants the company's standards established in Japan to transfer over to the US seamlessly.

The service was quick, efficient, and the staff was very patient and friendly. They primarily stay behind the counter, taking orders, and serving the food. For drinks you can either buy them from the refrigerator or self serve yourself some water near the counter. As you can probably tell from the picture above, the restaurant was very small with minimal eating space. However, I could tell that they were both popular and efficiently run. We entered when they first opened at 11am and there was a slow trail of people trickling in after us. The rate of people coming in picked up as the lunch rush inched closer and closer. I can imagine that during the lunch or dinner rush hour that the place would fill up quickly and you'd probably have to find somewhere else to sit or eat "take-out" style. Go!Go!Curry! has only one style of curry with different toppings and different sizes so the menu is pretty simple and easy to order from.

As only the toppings differ from the different dishes of curry, I'll talk about the curry generally here with my opinions of the toppings underneath the photos below. The curry was darker in color than other Japanese curries I've ordered, but I think the darkness of the curry's color rendered it more savory than other Japanese styled sweet curries. The sauce is maddeningly addictive and a the ideal complement to the perfectly cooked rice. The rice is absolutely smothered in sauce, which is a good thing! Even though the sauce to rice ratio is so great, there'll be nothing left on your plate when you're done. There's quite a bit of shredded cabbage to accompany the curry, but I tend to leave that untouched. I find that the cabbage is a sort of empty vegetable filler accompanying the curry on the plate...some people love it though!

My sister, boyfriend, and I all ordered the the smallest serving of curry and added a boiled egg on top of whatever we were ordering.

Sausage Curry with Egg
The sausages were juicy and tasty and were one of my sister's only choices to eat. Most of the items that were on the menu set to accompany the curry were breaded and fried. She enjoyed her curry very much and didn't have any complaints.

Pork Katsu Curry
This particular curry was what my boyfriend chose. We were loitering around in front of the counter for too long and we were all a little nervous ordering our food...the three of us are a bit socially awkward like that. I think he wanted a larger curry or the more popularized "Home Run" or "Grand Slam" curries. Those curries have a combination of toppings: pork katsu, sausages, eggs, and shrimp and they're also a bit larger than the small Pork Katsu Curry. However, the Katsu was not unsatisfactory in any way shape or form. The outside was crisp and ideally fried, while the inside was moist and tender. A very delicious curry staple. 

Ebi Curry
This, as you could have probably deduced, was the scrumptious curry that I ordered. Like my boyfriend, I too had latched onto the first curry I saw in a moment of socially awkward panic, but I'm quite pleased with what I received. The fried shrimp, reminiscent of shrimp tempura, was breaded with panko crumbs and fried until a deep golden brown. The outside was deliciously crisp and crunchy, but the shrimp meat on the inside was tender and not chewy, rubbery, or overcooked. However one con that I have to say about the dish overall was the tartar sauce on top. I felt like it clashed with the curry and was just too foreign an element to have in the dish. The mayonnaise and the pickles within the tartar sauce were the only thing that I tasted when I mixed even a little bit of it with the rest of the curry.

I can recommend this restaurant for quick, delicious eats, but I can tell that Go!Go!Curry! gets busy during lunch and dinner rushes. The curry is savory and the toppings are perfectly fried, sauteed, and crisped. Whatever curry you order, please get a boiled egg with it! Somehow the boiled egg subtly adds that protein-y, yolk-y, egg flavor. Anyway quick, efficient, and friendly if you're curious about what Japanese curry tastes like and you're in New York I can confidently recommend Go!Go!Curry!

Price: $ out of $$$$$
Kid Friendly: Yes for the food! However, I feel like you might have to eat "to go" because of the lack of seating
Repeatability: Yes! =D

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