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Urban Outfitters Silk Dress, Vintage Double Chain Belt, GAIA Vest
Here's a another outfit post...I like to dress up on weekends. I love the combination of royal purple and gold, it makes me feel special...but mostly, it makes me remember the comic book turned movie Watchmen. Ozymandias, the villain, was almost always one of my favorite characters. I just thought he was classy, well dressed, and incredibly intelligent. So here's my homage to the man himself. =P 

I really should be doing my assignments...I AM THE QUEEN OF PROCRASTINATION. Instead of spilling out poetry on paper here, I'll just have to save all my excitement and creativity for the swarm of papers that are going to take over my life in the next month. Does anyone else ever feel so swamped with work, that you never know where to start? ::lol:: Eventually you just get over it, bite the bullet, and poop out several essays.

I'm loving this fuzzy Gaia Vest that I found in the depths of my mother and I's communal closet. It find myself stroking it absentmindedly throughout the day and its a bit funny to watch if I'm sitting around lost in thought, petting myself. To quote Agnes from Despicable Me "It's...it's so fluffy, it's so fluffy I could DIE!" 

Two Gold Rings From Childhood (inscribed with the character 福), a bracelet from my grandmother, a Baume and Merceier vintage gold watch, and an Alexander the Great bracelet pillaged from the NY Met. 
Usually I tend to stay away from blingy gold jewelry, but if you're wearing purple and acting like a king, you might as well go all out right? 

In light of the work situation, I'll probably post way more restaurant reviews that "outfits" in the coming weeks. Anyway, thanks for coming to look. I hope you're having a wonderful start of the fall season. =)

+ Love

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