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I fell in love with a woman

Well, technically two. I've just been listening non-stop to these two ladies lately. Very talented and lovely.

Thanks for putting up with my drivel!



  1. I'm back! Hehe...
    I didn't take any food photos, unfortunately. I'm not as dedicated as those food bloggers. Usually, as soon as the food comes, I gobble ém up haha
    Will keep in mind to take pictures in the future ;)
    Hope you've been well

  2. Welcome BacI used to have that problem as well, but my entire family, in their effort to support me, scream "STOOOOP" before I take a picture. ::lol::!

    I hope you've been well too!! <3

  3. Awww how cute! hehe

    Omg I LOVE Wicked! Definitely my most favourite musical ever. Btw, backstage manager?? Whoa! Very impressed, young lady :D

  4. <3 *blushes* Tweren't nuttin'. =) ^__^ You're cuteee!!