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Hong Kong

We got into Hong Kong pretty late actually, the weather was cool, but not unbearably so. Basically, we just cavorted around eating everything that we passed by and liked. First was curried fish balls, then gai dan jai, and then congee with some gai lan.

My dad always likes to tell the story about when he was a kid in Hong Kong everyone always liked to sneak out and buy curried fishballs in between classes, but if you were caught you had to wear a "I got caught buying curried fishballs/I'm stupid" sign. How sad! They're so good though, I can imagine why people would risk being caught. 

This is the outfit I wore on the plane, it was comfy and stylish. ;) My dad always scolds me for not traveling like him, wearing pajama pants and an oversized t-shirt, but I don't like coming off of a plane looking like I just rolled out of bed in my PJ's. 

Honestly, sometimes I think that the only things to do in Hong Kong are eating, shopping, massages, and walking. It's not a bad life! ;) Sometimes it can get a little repetitive though...

Best thing in the world. I've been eating this ever since I was little, it's like a super eggy waffle. Crunchy and light on the outside, but with a a little nugget of chewy goodness on the inside. So good!! I find you can only get the real egg waffles in Hong Kong...nothing else compares. 

 See that? It's not full all the way so it's like crunchy and delicious, but not overly filling. MMMMM! I miss it already...

Some of my next posts will be about Hong Kong. =) Ask me anything! I'll cover food, things to do, and Hong Kong questions if you have them. ^^ I'm by no means a local, but my dad is! So I have someone reliable to ask if I don't know the answer. ;) 

Ask me anything! Thanks for coming! <3 



  1. i miss HK! your dad sounds hilarious! and you are sooo pretty and elegant :)

  2. I agree with Sara! You look so gorgeous in the black dress and great idea in belting it. I've never really been to HK although I bought tickets from last year when a local airline had a promo are but I never really went there due to time constraints with the passport processing. Maybe next year, I can visit this shopping district. Hopefully.

    Keep em coming!

  3. Oh these photos make me so nostalgic - I haven't been back in like 10 years! Those waffles are definitely in the list of top 10 things I miss lol.

    You look great, the chic dress is perfect for stepping out of the airport :)

  4. great photos !
    i want to go HK ! :D
    cool dress there ,
    u look pretty <3


  5. I totally agree with you on the curry fishballs. I had a bowl of them with min can and siu mai for lunch this afternoon and it was perfect! and the egg waffles too! I've never tried the ones in HK, but I'm from Macau and we to have flavored waffles here... I'm looking forward to ou next HK posts!


  6. Thanks for all the kind comments! I'm a wriggling mess of happy right now.

    @fashioneggplant Thank you ~<3 ^__^

    @Chyrel Hong Kong is pretty awesome. However, from what I remember when I was little it was a lot cleaner and people were more polite. =( I still hope that you get the chance to visit though! <333

    @Marcella =D You should go back sometime! It's absolutely lovely. Gai Dan Jai is the things childhood dreams are made of. ;)

    @Rebecca Thank you so much! It means a lot since I'm still working out how to use my DSLR =) ^^

    @Carla Oh man. Yum Cha and Gai Dan Jai and curried fish balls...my mouth is watering. I tried to go to Macau! Unfortunately, a friend of mine had visa problems...I regret not going. As for egg waffles, you should try them in HK, they're pretty awesome. Thank you! I hope they don't disapoint!

  7. Hiya, pretty lady! I'm loving the photos, especially the last one!
    I'm sorry, they had to wear a what sign?? Haha I don't mean any disrespect to your Dad (oh wait, actually, you never mentioned whether your Dad ever got caught hehe), but that's frigging hilarious! I lol-ed when I read that. That's just too funny to imagine little boys and girls wearing that ridiculous sign around school.

    I think your outfit was perfect for the plane ride. When I was little, my Mum would force me to wear an oversized tee, track bottoms and socks and TIE MY SWEATER AROUND MY WAIST! zomg the horror!

    Righto...how about writing a post on interesting places to eat in HK? Not necessarily the famous or nice ones, but just maybe interesting in its decor or something? Shopping's always good, too :D

  8. @Joey You are always so sweet in your comments! I love reading them =) I'll probably tell you this on your blog as well, but you are the sweetest.

    Haha, I'll do my best to answer your request! Unfortunately, this time I was a bit lax on recording where we were or what we ate. 0_o