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Grey Gull

The seagull. The ultimate menace. LOOK AT THAT SEAGULL. Doesn't he look like the bad ass-est mo'fo ever? He will steal your food. PROTECT IT. 

Today, in preparation for the Chinese New Year, my mum, dad and I went down to the Granville Island Public Market to get some ingredients for dinner. I absolutely love Granville Island, and I'm pretty lucky that my family and I have been going there pretty often lately.

I've loved blazers ever since I was old enough to remember my dad going to work. I've had this particular blazer since I was 11, and I still fit in it! You can tell how much I've grown or you can imagine how ridiculous a petite, Asian girl looked in a enormous suit jacket. I love the contrast between the vertical stripes of the BCBG vest and the horizontal stripes of my long sleeved top. 

What I didn't account for was the incredibly piercing sunlight, or the lie that the sunlight brought. It was so cold! I'm so thankful its not raining  though...I don't think I could've dealt with a another day of rain. I love the chocolate brown of my purse and my shoes. =) The purse is Miu Miu and a gift from my parents for my 20th birthday, while the shoes I "borrowed" from my sister. 

Thanks for coming! I hope the weather stays this nice.  Admittedly I felt like doing this the entire time I was wearing this outfit. 

+ Love

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