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Taiwan is a country of heat, good food, and good people. Since my arrival, I doubt that I have done anything other than eating, looking for air conditioning and sleeping. I don't think I've ever been happier. =PI love Taiwan. I love Taipei.

Honestly, I've lived in Beijing before, and that experience was one of the formidable events in my life, in a extremely negative way. Living in Taipei, it's hard to escape the comparison between the "Mainland" and Taiwan, but honestly I love Taiwan so much more. I feel safe, happy, and emotionally stable in Taiwan, whereas in Beijing I was still an insecure teenager.

Here in Taipei, everything is so connected, wherever you go on the metro you can expect a place to be lively and fun, even late into the night.

Although this is still going to be my personal blog, and have more fashion-y and personal related blog posts...most of my attention and new posts will be at this blog:

I started this project with my friend and I'm happy with how it's coming out. =) Please check it out! <3 Also, check back here occasionally for updates. ^__^ 

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