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Niu Sushi Bar

Niu Sushi Bar Chefs Taiwan
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I am pleased! I like to eat. Niu Sushi is definitely delicious, fresh, and...expensive. I'm lucky enough to have eaten there twice already! The first time celebrating my father's birthday, and the second celebrating my father's return to Taipei. =)

Unluckily enough, the first time that my family ate there I had forgotten to bring my camera to document the meal and the event. The second time I remembered my camera... however I often forgot to take pictures of what I was eating. Ha, ha, ha. =___=  I am the ultimate fatty. Anway, here are the remains of a delicious, delicious meal. My dad, my dad's friend, and I actually ate much, much more than this. I'll try and be more diligent about recording my days. =P

Uni Sashimi with Mountain Potato (Ngaimo) Strand and Caviar Atop a Shiso Leaf
Uni Sashimi with mountain potato strands and caviar, all atop a shiso leaf! 
Fresh Ika Sashimi Served with Yuzu and Ponzu Sauce
Fresh, crunchy Ika served with yuzu and ponzu sauce
Niu Sushi Bar Grilled Charred Octopus
Charred Octopus

Uni Sushi Rice cooked inside a sea urchin shell
Uni Rice, cooked inside the sea urchin shell

Uni Sushi Rice Cooked in a Sea Urchin Shell
Uni at the bottom! Apparently, this is only available one month out of the year....

Niu Sushi Bar Anago and Foie Gras sushi
Fois Gras and Anago Sushi
The Uni Rice and the Fois Gras sushi were my favorites. =) After dinner we all headed to a tiny cafe, I have no idea where it is, to drink their famous "Steamed Milk Coffee". Apparently the milk is steamed for six hours before being incorporated into the coffee. For a very small cup, the price tag goes for around $500 NT dollars.

Steamed Milk Coffee Taiwan

It was so good. IT WAS SO GOOD. END.