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Riverside Park OOTD with More Club Monaco

I swear I'm not being sponsored by Club Monaco, but as any current or former retail associate knows, once you work at a store your wardrobe is going to be 60% from that store. Honestly, now as just a customer of Club they're still one of my favorite stores. Even though I can't reasonably afford any of their items anymore.

The top I'm wearing is actually "two layers," the lace layer on the surface and a silk layer underneath. I like wearing the top both untucked and the bottom layer tucked in, but I prefer show-casing the outer silk layer in this outfit. I like how the white lace contrasts with the military green silk joggers. 

As always, I've paired this combination with my trusty Coach Penny bag and wore it with the Talbots Peggy Sandals that I recently purchased.

Both items that I purchased from Club are very old now, but I've found some alternative tops from Club and other places that you can layer and dress up! I hope you enjoy! 

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