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& Other Stories Haul

I need to diversify my wardrobe. Everything I own is either black, navy. from Club Monaco, Zara or Uniqlo. I'm pretty conservative with my purchases, but I do prefer to save and buy "quality pieces." Ideally, I'd love to be dropping dollars on Valentino and Chanel, but for now I'll settle with my holy trinity. While visiting my sister in New York she introduced me to one of her favorite shops, which in turn...became one of my favorite shops.

I got an email notification last week that their summer sale started and I couldn't help but buy a couple of weather-appropriate staples at their discounted prices! I was bad though, because I bought some full priced items as well...

Wrap Skirt,  $60 $30

A definite keeper. I loved this skirt at first sight, but I was a little afraid when I added it to my shopping basket. Previously when I was visiting the "& other stories" flagship store in New York I wasn't the luckiest in finding bottoms that fit me. I ordered the smallest size on the website, a 4, and it fits around my waist perfectly. Just for comparison, I'm also a 00 to 0 at Club Monaco. The skirt is made out of a thick Viscose and feels well constructed. It fastens with a hidden button and another set of hidden double hooks. Definitely worth the $30!

Stand Up Collar Blouse, $75 $37

I have mixed feelings about this particular blouse. I was really woo-ed by the model wearing the blouse on the website. I've also always been a fan of wearing a black bra with a sheer long sleeved top. It may be too scandalous for some, but I think it screams Pepper Potts...and really, who wouldn't want to be like her?

My problem is that this shirt wrinkles very easily and that I'm not a model. Where the model's arms fit this blouse perfectly, my shorter arms make the blouse's fabric scrunch up awkwardly around my wrists. I ordered this shirt in a Size 4 and it fits everywhere else except the sleeve length. It's very well constructed and I like the combination zipper and button closure, but I'm really undecided about the fit. I could probably make this work, but at the time I'm posting this I'm undecided on whether I should return it or not.

Graphic Top,  $90 $45

I thought this blouse looked really adorable on the model in the photograph. I expected it to be a little boxy and "large", but this makes me look like I'm a little kid pretending to be a robot. Way too boxy. The fabric is thick, stretchy, and feels great, but the shape is just so unflattering. I can't.

Definitely going to return this guy once I head back to New York.

Font Pleat Midi Skirt, $85

I felt like I needed more color in my wardrobe, especially spring/summer colors that aren't navy or black, so I wanted to invest in some cute skirts. I'm a sucker for mint and this skirt looked so clean on the model on the website I wanted to try it out.

Again, much like the wrap skirt above, this skirt just feels good. It's well constructed, the fabric is thick, and it has a quality combination zipper-button closure. I'm 5'3 and was partially afraid that this skirt would hit me mid-shin and make me look shorter. Thankfully this hits just above my knee and looks very ladylike. I'll have to steam it to get the wrinkles out, but this skirt is a definite keeper.

I'm obsessed with lace. All of my summer clothes are lace and silk. When I saw this top paired with their cute scalloped shorts, I just had to have it. Again, another definite keeper. I like the lace's design and I think it's cute and cheeky with the see-through back. It fits well, the quality is very tangible, and I just really like it! 

Another huge bonus for me is that all these clothes are machine-washable, although you do have to hang them to dry, and that is so convenient. All the clothes I purchase from Club Monaco are the dreaded "Dry Clean Only."  This really just shows my lack of foresight, but cute, well-made clothes that are easy to take care of are my ultimate holy grail. 

I think "& other stories" is quickly moving up to be my favorite shop. I think their quality for their price is amazing and I always feel like I'm getting well-constructed, timeless pieces that not many people have access to. Their prices are somewhat similar to Zara's, but the construction on their items far surpasses that. 

If you're looking to spice up your wardrobe, I highly suggest giving "& other stories" a look. 

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