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Guerlain - A Night at the Opera, Palette Petrouchka

Hello All! I wanted to give you a look at Guerlain's 2014 Holiday Palette dedicated to the Russain Ballet! With all the snow coming and the cold weather setting in this warm palette is all you'll need this winter......wait. What time is it? What year is it? Wait....who am I?

I know I pulled a Rip Van Winkle. Can you believe that I fully intended on restarting my blog in December? Life ganged up on me though. I've detailed why I disappeared for so long in a previous blog post that I linked here.

Obviously, this palette is no longer in stores. I'm sure it's available on eBay by some makeup resellers or available for trade by someone somewhere, but I still wanted to share my initial impressions of the palette, just in case you were thinking about purchasing it. A year later...when a beautiful new Holiday collection will come out very, very soon. 

Let me tell you this palette is beautiful, but I think you might have known that. Every little detail of the packaging and the presentation is executed well. The brushes weren't magnificent though, even in the photo you can tell that red blush brush is a little scraggly.

One item that's not pictured is the red little bow it came with. It could be wrapped around the casing or worn in your hair. There were little instructions on the original box with suggestions on how to wear it. For me, it was cute, but also extraneous. It was a nice touch, but not necessary. I think it's kicking it somewhere in my bedroom.

The whole collection was based on a "night at the opera" theme, with cute bows and decadent, rich tones running through the packaging and the makeup itself. I missed out on the LIU Palette from the previous holiday, so I knew that I would have to commit on purchasing this one when it came out.

The palette is very much "on brand" with the rest of Gurlain's compacts and portable makeup. Even though they discontinued their "Parare Extreme" makeup line, the compact for the pressed powder foundation is exactly the same size and style as the Petrouchka palette. I was honestly a little surprised! Since the palette packed a range of eyeshadows and blushes, I expected it to be larger. 

I find all the colors to be very wearable and colors that I often wear everyday anyway. The palette size really is ideal for travel and I brought it recently with me on my trip to India. It saved a lot of space in my makeup bag...I usually try and travel light, but I always end up bringing one of Urban Decay's Naked Palettes with me because I'm indecisive.

It saved me some space on my blusher as well. It's a well put together kit and since my eyelid space is so small and the fact that I use blush sparingly, I feel like this palette will last me a very long time.

The colors are warm and I find easy to use on my skin tone. I'll be honest with you, I'm pretty butts at taking swatch photos, I think you can already tell that the photos I've taken are a little cool toned, so I've linked Temptalia's swatches and review of the palette here. A bit a cop out, so I've included pictures of some of my makeup with the using Guerlain's Palette Petrouchka.

Overall, if you're thinking of purchasing the palette though an eBay reseller, I would actually advise against it, unless you were in love with it. The colors are great, but not unique and at this point the markup for a "limited edition" palette will make the size of the palette not worth it in my eyes. If you're truly in love with something limited edition, try getting it in stores when it comes out. I'm always very wary of the "reseller" market may seem overly cynical, but in terms of makeup, I always like to be the first one to open my palettes.

I hope this helps!