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October 2014 Empties

As I've made a foray into the "real world" I've tried my best to use up what I have and not purchase anything I don't need. As a way to keep myself going, I made this little post to show you guys the things I've used up and the things that I would be most interested in repurchasing.
  1. Guerlain Parure Extreme Foundation in 02 - Discontinued
  2. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner
  3. Chantecaille Future Skin in Nude
  4. YSL: Volume Effet Faux Cils in Rich Black
  5. Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel in Granite
  6. Majorlica Majorica Cheek Customize Blush in 255
Thoughts after the jump!

This was my holy grail foundation. Was. It broke my heart when Guerlain announced that they were discontinuing the entire Parure Extreme line. 02 Beige Clair was my skin's PERFECT MATCH. I didn't have to put a lighter/darker power over it, it just matched. The coverage was great for the amount of foundation I had to use. It was hygienic and had a pump, but...now I have to find a new foundation....there's no way I can repurchase this one.

I was saving the last dregs of it to use for special occasions, but now it ran out.

Repurchase? No, because it's discontinued. BOOHOO.

The Chantecaille Future Skin foundation I've reviewed in a past post.

I've already used one jar up in the color Nude, but unfortunately I threw it away. You guys just have to look at the box. One jar lasted me around 3-4 months of use. As said in my previous post, I used Nude even though it was a bit too pink for my skin. I've since switched to Vanilla, but I'm still not quite sure how I feel about it. It has its good qualities and its bad ones, but I've since moved on to another foundation.

Repurchase: No

This Stila eyeliner is actually...something I wanted to try after my HG eyeliner of choice, Tarte's Multipleye Brush Liner, was discontinued. For eyeliner I prefer these liquid "pen types" versus gel or pencil liners. Although I have a preference for brush liners, I had to try felt tip liner....because I had no choice.

I enjoyed the longevity of this eyeliner and the level of precision I was able to do my makeup with. I still think brush liners are superior, but for a replacement for my HG eyeliner...it'll have to do.

Repurchase: Yes

Majorica Majorica is the drugstore extension of Shiseido's cosmetic line. I was introduced to this brand when I was still living in Taiwan. Their packaging was really adorable and the pigmentation of their eyeshadows were fantastic! I really liked this blush color, because it wasn't like the trendy "bright pinks" or "Coral" blushes that were really popular in Asia when I went. Super bright colors didn't suit me and just accentuated my acne.

Finally, it's all gone. Will I repurchase? Probably not, there are a multitude of blushes over here and the shipping for Asian Beauty products in the states is something I would rather not pay. If I was in Asia though, I would probably be repurchasing this.

Repurchase: No 

YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils! I was recommended this mascara by a makeup junkie friend of mine. Whereas my weakness is in lip products, he's tried out a multitude of lash products. I actually purchased this a long time ago, during the YSL friends and family sale, but only cracked it open in the last couple of months. The packaging is beautiful and I liked how you knew the mascara wasn't shut all the way due to the alignment of the label.

For me, the mascara got better as time went on. At the start, it was a bit too wet for my liking and as it dried out I got longer and better wear. However, this of course reached the point where the mascara was dried out and I had to throw it away. I felt like the life of this mascara wasn't very long and overall didn't do anything amazing to my lashes.

Repurchase: No

This is the Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel in granite. As you can tell, I've used this product to the point where all the labeling on the tube rubbed off. My eyebrow game is still pretty weak, but this is pretty much a fool-proof product for me. I tend to be too heavy-handed when it comes to eyebrow pencils, powders, and gels and as a result...I sort of look like Gloria Shuri Nava's Baby Smiley character. Not cool.

Using this gives my eyebrows definition and the mascara-like wand applicator prevents me from piling product on. The only thing that I have to be careful about is "ending" my brows in appropriate points and not just following my natural hair line. My sister tried using this product and didn't have as much success as I did. Her eyebrows are relatively scarce in hair, whereas mine are hairy caterpillar beasts. If you have very hairy eyebrows, like moi, and suck at doing your eyebrows properly, try out this product. If you have thinner or sparser eyebrow hairs you might want to pass.

My one con with this product is that the wand is quite large and a bit unwieldy. If I were to switch over to another brow product, I would want one with a smaller applicator for higher precision.

Repurchase: Yes 

That's it! How long do your makeup products usually last before you have to repurchase? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Oh no I'm sorry about the mascara! If you ever decide to give YSL mascaras another whirl, the Shocking version is a lot better imo though it can be spidery (something I'm not opposed to :P ). Also, have you tried Lingerie de Peau? I've heard great things about it though I haven't tried it myself. Keep up the great posts! :)