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DIY Leather Macarame Bracelets Inspired by Honestly WTF

As a precursor to my move, I decided to get a little more crafty...while I still had the time and the chance. My mother is also  very crafty so I thought it would be a good way to have some bonding time before I left as well.

Obviously I didn't make the watch, it was a gift from my mother, but I also did not make the braided bracelet, located second from the left, that was from Club Monaco. I've been interested in Honestly WTF's Macarame Bracelet for a long time, but there have been several factors that have made me hesitant to attempt making these. I still tried. Guess what? They turned out pretty awesome!

I made the middle one. 
I didn't like the idea of using embroidery thread because I'm a huge germaphobe. How does this relate? Even though embroidery thread is beautiful and available in many colors, the only think I can think of is how that beautiful color will turn grey and disgusting over time because of everyday wear, sweat, dirt, grime, and other BLECH substances. It probably doesn't make sense, but to me, somehow, leather seems more hygienic.  So I changed the recommended .5 mm embroidery cord to .2 mm gage of leather. I originally made the bracelet with .5 mm leather cord, but it was way too bulky and didn't look elegant.

As for the other "O" bracelet I made, located on the far left, I had intended to do another macarame bracelet, but it looked too uniform paired with the other bracelets. I decided just to keep it simple with a sliding knot closure and some decorative beads. I think they turned out all right =) What do you think?

Have you guys had any successful DIYs? 

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