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Cape: BCBG, Tights: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Rampage, Skirt: Club Monaco, Button Up: Uniqlo, Purse: Coach, and Hat: Target
Hello, hello! I know this is a bit silly, but I feel like a hack version of Sherlock Holmes when I wear this cape. It makes me feel more elegant and sophisticated, even though I know it's only in my mind. In some ways I feel like I can just swish about town solving mysteries with my cute little cape, my cute little purse, my cute little hat, and my cute little dog sidekick. Ahh, the delusions I have. I'm probably playing Professor Layton's DS games.

I really love the polka dotted blouse in this outfit, not only is it 100% silk, but it was also a very affordable piece from Uniqlo. I know they just had their San Francisco store open, but wish that they would bring one up north here! The flagship of Victoria's secret is opening up here in Vancouver where the old HMV used to be, but I would have much preferred if a large Uniqlo shop opened instead. I do feel like three or four floors of bras and panties are a bit excessive, but ...we'll see. =/ I'm always embarrassed when I shop for underwear.

The sunlight is a bit deceptive though, as the weather has been relatively inconsistent as of late, the day after this "photo session" it was overcast and rainy. Although the silver lining in this cloud of grey is that I'm kind of learning how to dress for fall and mild winters. However, I suppose the bad news now is that I'm moving to the East Coast where the winters are a billion times more harsh. =(

Are you guys surprised it's March already?



  1. SUCH a cute outfit :) Love how you've accessorised it with the hat and the little cape!


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  3. @Chic and Cliche Thank you so much! That's high praise =D