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Doop doop be doop

Vintage White Skirt, Michael Kors Blouse, Nine West Heels, Salvatore Ferragamo Clutch
I'm boring. I like color blocking and prints with this is what I wore today. =) Just super simple stuff. I inherited the skirt from my mother and I bought everything here on sale or at the duty free. 

What I absolutely love about the skirt is the simple versatility of it. It can be worn for work or casual lunch dates or even fancier real dates. The only things that really makes me paranoid about it, is its white color. I'm such a klutz that I'm really afraid that I'll drop some food or spill some fancy colored drink all over it.

The heels are from Nine West and although they have a great, sleek silhouette...they are some of the most uncomfortable pumps I've ever worn. The sole is very, very hard and it doesn't have a lot of "give". Usually, when I wear these shoes the part of me that hurts the most is probably the ball of my foot. I probably won't purchase from Nine West again. Simply because of the hard mother and my aunts had always told me never to buy from them for the exact same reason and now that I've "tried them out" I believe it.

Poor little Fa got some kidney stones now he has to wear the cone of shame. >< Haha, he's quite unhappy a the moment and we're all tempted to free him from his cone. However, we know that if we liberate him, he'll probably chew out all his a bad ass. So he'll just have to deal with it for now.

How are your pets doing? =P 



  1. Looking very classic and chic. Love this!

  2. @Chyrel Thank you. =) I wore this and a blazer recently for a job interview. I think you comment was the good luck charm that landed me the jerrrbbb. ;)

  3. You look very chic c:
    Nice heels!