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That's my derp model face. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT. I'm putting all my feelings and sincerity into it. In fact, I wore it all the way to Hawaii. My father found a airline deal and my mother, father and I took another trip to Hawaii in May. The real reason why I like this photo so much is because my skin actually appears to be ok. Not perfect, but it's a start. =)

This is the beach that I've been going to ever since I was small. However, I'm a little sheepish just wandering around in my swimsuit, my mom didn't allow me to wear bikini's until last year, especially with my marshmallow white belly and my insecurities. Instead I wandered the beach with my mom and dad in an outfit almost entirely from Urban Outfitters.

As you guys can probably see, I'm wearing a cream spandex top with some high waisted shorts....all from Urban. Honestly, the top was pretty expensive at around twenty something dollars and the shorts alone were $48 dollars....so it's like sixty something dollars for a pretty simple outfit. If you're curious you can find the shorts here!

The fit of the top is definitely very snug and my only complaint is that they only seem to have in between sizes...for example: small/medium and medium/large. As for the shorts, Urban has some amazing color options...unfortunately black was the only color in my size, but I've truly fallen in love with the navy and the maroon colors. <3 I wear a Urban size 0 and the fit is tight and I'm paranoid of the high waisted shorts riding all the way up to my bum...Lady Gaga style.

Courtesy of  http://coolfwrdclip.blogspot.com
The two, a size up, was just a bit too loose. I would have gotten the larger size, but I feel that doesn't take into account the fitted nature of the short and I just wanted these high waisted shorts to look and feel ok. I think it's my own paranoia that's thinking of the crotch riding up-ness.

The background that my family and I are obsessing over is the Diamond Head Peak. It's a volcanic outcropping on Oahu that people can hike up and tourists can obsess over. If you buy keychains, postcards, or souvenirs they'll probably depict Diamond Head. I've never hiked up Diamond Head, because my mom doesn't like hiking and my dad is too busy obsessing over the food, but I want to! Haha, thanks for reading <3



  1. Thanks for sharing your trip. I would love to visit Hawaii one day. You're pretty

  2. =) I hope you get to visit! It's a really lovely place. <3 Thank you for your compliment >< ~<3