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Bedo Tunic, Vintage Belt, Newlook Earrings, and some "Nightmarket" bought socks
For those of you who have stuck around past the drought of posts, I really have to thank you. =) As you can tell, I haven't exactly been following my "New Year's Resolutions" as planned and I don't have any buffer posts for my blogs. I'm riding the last leg of University out and I only have two more papers due next week, so be prepared for more posts with more variety. I still don't really know what this blog is yet,  but I think good things are to come! Again, thanks for coming with me on this journey. =) The outfit I'm wearing is pretty simple but I do like it quite a bit.

Anyway, to the point of this post. I've just been slumming around waiting for finals, and my last two essays, to finally finish. I just want sun and leisure, and fun and...and...and HAPPINESS. I just miss not being stressed. I think I overloaded myself a bit this semester. I'm doing well but some problems in academia have unmistakably cropped up. I just wish I was done. I don't even know if I want to head off to grad school anymore.  

Isn't that always how it is though? The chaos of youth and figuring out what you want to do? Let's hope for the best then. =) I'll make sure to blog more often, if real life doesn't get in the way. =P Finally, I just wanted to share something that I've been obsessed with for the past couple of weeks. HD Food Porn. It's beautiful.



Thanks for coming everyone!


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