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Cheesecake Etc.

Hello there! >< I have nothing to say. Just...I'm sorry and I'll be better from now on. Someone told me that you either write a blog or you don't. I'm going to. RAWR RAWR RWAR. So here's the first Wednesday post with many more to follow...

To open up this blog again, I wanted to share one of my favorite dessert places with you guys. It's one of the hidden gems of Vancouver and one of the best places for late night dessert eats. Cheesecake etc. As you may be able to ascertain from the name...this place only sells cheesecake. In fact, they're so successful at selling cheesecake, that's essentially the only thing they one the menu. Their hours are odd and it shows you how popular the cheesecake is! They're open from 7 pm to 1 am daily...errr nightly.

The decor is very dark and reminiscent of a plush billiard room, the lighting is minimal, the tables and chairs are made of dark wood, and there is often live (or recorded) jazz playing softly throughout the area. Since I've come here they've expanded their floor space tremendously and, although I can't say for certain, can sit around one hundred people. They have not only widened and deepened the original store, but took over the empty space for lease next to it too!

All cheesecakes are baked in-house and come in both original and chocolate flavor. Although Cheesecake Etc.'s specialty is cheesecake, they also offer delicious home made baguettes and a wide array of tasty drinks as well (I recommend their apple cider, especially in the winter months!). However, I do have to give one major, major, MAJOR warning to all you cheesecake lovers out there. This is a crust-less cheesecake. BLASPHEMY.

I know, I know. I thought so too. Believe me, when I eat cheesecake I want the crust obscenely thick, but after I ate the cheesecake here....well....I became a believer of crust-less Cheesecake. It's so light, fluffy, and'll forget all about your passion for crust.  

I know the strawberries look like cough syrup, but believe me....they are delicious. 
I bring all my friends, both local and out of towners, to this place to late night eats. The Original Cheesecake with strawberries is heavenly. The strawberries have been turned into a slightly runny, concentrated, red sugar juice, loaded with chopped strawberries. Honestly the strawberries are so deliciously, sinfully, sugary they meld with the creamy cheesecake and the light whipped cream perfectly. I wouldn't dream of having the cheesecake without them.

Cheesecake Etc. also offers "seasonal" cheesecake which is their trademark cheesecake covered in a restaurant made seasonal fruit syrup. During the summer Cheesecake Etc. usually makes a blueberry syrup, loaded with whole blueberries. A counterpart to the brighter sweeter strawberry "chunky syrup."

On to my opinions on the chocolate cheesecake, you should try it. just doesn't taste right. Their original cheesecake is far superior. When I first tried their chocolate cheesecake, I remember the chocolate being so strong that it conflicted with the cream cheese of the cheesecake. It created a strange taste and a even stranger aftertaste that lasted awhile. Although that's my personal opinion. =) If you love it, tell me! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I've never had the baguettes before, but my boyfriend gave rave reviews about them when we stopped here to vanquish his midnight hunger. =) It provides a savory alternative to the cheesecake, although they also provide a sweet baguette with cream cheese and jam for individuals who just don't like cheesecake. >< I would advise those individuals not to come here though. =P

As for the service...I find the entirety of the waitstaff to be very fickle. Sometimes they're great and my friends and I get great service. At other times we are treated like we owe them something and they don't really pay attention to us. However, the arrival of the cheesecake always seems very timely.

I've rambled on long enough! I'm sorry I don't have pictures of the interior, my mind was one the cake. All in all, I'd strongly recommend this gem for midnight snackers and Vancouver visitors who want dessert. Thanks for coming and thanks for reading!

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Kid Friendly: Yes and No
The late nights and the ambiance if more for adults, but the restaurant welcomes children.
Price: $$$ and $$$$$
Repeatability: Yes

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  1. OHHH It looks delicious!! :D xx

  2. Sounds so good! I wish I lived in a big city with late night dessert restaurants.

  3. @London's Beauty It's super delicious! I'm really lucky I live so close ><

    @Rachel Come visit meeee! If I don't visit you first, but still I'll take you there and we'll pig out lots. <3