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Fashion Show! Part One

Taiwanese Fashion Show 2010
Amazing Taiwan

Models in Traditional Chinese Dress Fashion Show
Fashion Show

Not too long ago, I was invited by my Aunt to go to "Amazing Taiwan", a part of Taiwan's Fashion Week that housed some of Taiwan's best and brightest in the fashion industry. I would by no means consider myself a fashionable person, but I do have a sincere interest in the industry, so I thought this was enough to accept the invitation. I'm so glad I decided to go! It was fun and the atmosphere was unlike anything I've ever experienced.

This was my first fashion show, and I was very excited. I attended the show on the last day and there were still a plethora of talented designers ready to showcase their wears. The fashions ranged from casual day looks, to formal evening looks and even "haute couture" outfits. The music and presentation was equally diverse.

With my poor photography skills and my point and shoot camera these pictures hardly do the show justice. It also didn't help at all that my camera died in the middle. But I did catch some of my favorite outfits on my memory card. =)

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